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Property Management

MJC Real Estate, LLC provides a number of property management services that are completely customized according to the exclusive requirements of client. Our incorporated team-based services offer successful and well-timed contact between tenants and property owners. We acts as owners on behalf of our clients and take very good care of their properties. We have professionals who make efficient, original tactical programs for all properties. We assign an experienced, educated and highly knowledgeable expert to each client in order to provide complete support related to property management.
We help with the following

• Manage possession and lease

• Payment collection of rent

•Property examination

•Monthly or quarterly reports, among others.

We help the property owners to increase the value of their invested money and find out many other more beneficial opportunities of development. By presenting incorporated property-related solutions, we help clients get rid of the complications related. We help them in every service from property supervising to other services related with property and real estate in East Eagle Pass, Texas to managing their own property. We help our clients guard their assets making the most out of it.

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